1439 Event Kit

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The 1439 event kit unknown to many is just an XDK in a retail housing, based on the Trinity design most of these systems are overlooked as just retails but are actually "Retail XDK's".


The 1439 Event Kit even uses the retail model number and shell, the only outside change is the sticker where the date is located. This is instead solid orange unlike retails which has a tint of orange on the edge. Unlike a full on Slim XDK these do not have support for the sidecar, nor do they have the extra 512MB ram found in XNA EXPO's. They're also missing the daughterboard found within Slim XDK's. They still show as TEST KIT's on boot.

It has been speculated by Demon these were used for events such as E3/Gamescom but no proof was ever found until 2020 when a bunch showed up for sale. All containing data for games from E3/PAX/CES/Comic Con/TGS (Tokyo Game Show)/Gamescom. With this information in hand we've decided to call these systems "1439 Event Kits" this isn't the official name, but just to simplify things.

The pictures below are a weird mess, the system has stickers saying "CoD" as in Call of Duty while the back says "need / speed" as in Need for Speed, The Hard Disk itself has a faint Dance 2 scratched in the housing. The system however contained nothing but the Halo 4 E3 Demo.