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Welcome to,
A wiki dedicated to research of the Microsoft Xbox 360 Alpha Xenon G5 kit.

GameDevWiki is an effort to document the inner workings of the Microsoft Xbox Xenon and Powermac G5 Alpha. We not only care about technical details about those platforms, but for now it will do fine by documenting what we know.

Our main goal for now is reconstructing a method to succesfully boot an Xbox xenon kernel on a real Powermac G5 and run a recovery image if needed (depending on how the kernel is executed and if a functional dashboard is on the harddisk).

We are not interested in documenting the Xbox classic, Xbox One or any other console at this point. there are dedicated wiki's for some of those already, and we do not seek to replace them. (maybe we merge into them later when our main-goal is achieved)

Want to help? Contact us!

Please come chat with us in ObscureGamers on Discord (ask to be allowed on the AlphaG5 channel if you have something to contribute, or talk in #offtopic, Forums.

You'll also get the details for wiki account creation there.


System Software

Known executables

Leaked/Shared files, for analysis

  • [1] ( Bowsers HDD dump (first 128mb only), 2.1538.0/3
  • [2] Microsoft Giano, containing early 2.0615.1 iso kernel


These might help you learn to recover files yourself.

Misc Stuff