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Name Damien
Age 29
Xbox hardware formally/currently owned
  • Xbox Original Debug Kit
  • Xbox 360 Alpha 2 Kit
  • Xbox 360 XeDK Beta 1
  • Xbox 360 009 Pre-Release
  • Xbox 360 Zephyr
  • Xbox 360 Jasper Prototype
  • Xbox 360 XNA EXPO
  • Xbox 360 Slim Demo Kit (Orange Sticker Variant)
  • Xbox ONE Durango Alpha Tower
  • Xbox ONE XDK Motherboard (Internal 2014 version)
Playstation hardware formally owned
  • PS3 A00J with upgraded HDD to 160GB. x1 from SONY x1 Unknown. (Was Ylod and not fixed before I gave it away.)
  • PS3 A00A x1 from SONY 1x SqaureEnix 1x EA.
  • PS3 Slim 2500A x3 from EA.
  • PS3 Tool 1000A x1 from SuperMassive, 1x from Sqaure Enix & x2 from EA.
Nintendo hardware formally owned
  • GameCube NR Reader from SEGA.