XBOX Alpha 2

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XBOX Alpha 2 Kit
Operating system Unknown
Memory 128MB
Storage Unknown
Graphics Unknown
Release date 2001

The XBOX Alpha 2 was the second version of developer kit given to devs to work on.

Franken Alpha Guide

You can make a 98% functional Franken Alpha with the following PC parts.

  1. 128MB RDRAM - RAM Single DIMM
  2. Continuity RIMMS - Single (this is a Dummy Ram chip, needed for the unit if the motherboard uses RDRAM. Which in this case we do, Since most VC820 mobo's have 2 slots. One for the 128MB DIMM and the other for the RIMM "Dummy".)
  3. INTEL VC820 OR CC820 - MOBO
  4. Nvidia GeForce 2 AGP NV-1017 OR MS-8837 -- With 64MB RAM - GPU
  5. OPTi 82C861 - USB Card
  6. Intel Pro 100 M - Ethernet
  7. Slot 1 Intel PIII XXXXMHz - CPU (Needs to be a minimum of 733MHZ but 1GHZ will work fine.)
  8. 20GB IDE Hard Disk.
  9. IDE CD Drive.
  10. 250 Watt PSU.
  11. A USB modded XBOX Controller.