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The XeBoot partition is arround 10Mb and contains the boot files for the Xenon OS. see Boot_Process for more information about this

Known partition contents

  • xeboot - forth script to boot rom. (name)
  • xboxroma.bin - xenon os Kernel (loader)

It has been debated if the forth script was part of the rom, but the empty space between and the HFS filetable apear to proof 2 seperate files. Also Mac OS X tbxi files usualy come with a tiny bit of forth code and directly followed by a XCOFF kernel, not a pure ELF file. citation needed tho, either a confirmed working G5 or resurrected G5 should proof this theory.

Other files of potential importance:

  • xboxroma_1mb.bin
  • xboxrom_update.bin
  • bootx (the Apple Mac OS X bootfile, but either one "blessed")