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The XeDK Beta1 is the first prototype console available post Alpha era. It is not built on "borrowed hardware" like the Alpha kits. It is suspected to contain only 2 of the 3 available cores available in the final revision, as well as a confirmed lower clock speed of 2.8GHz due to a manufacturing error.

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Known motherboard hardware revisions.

  • X801054-001-004, Unconfirmed existence, suspected internal engineering kits.
  • X801054-005, Spotted on internal beta kit.
  • X801054-006, A board is confirmed to exist, shell is missing sadly.
  • X801054-007, Found in all prototype XeDK's.

Known recoveries

  • 2.0.1616.7, Suspected first post Alpha recovery. Comes pre-flashed on kits.
  • 2.0.1625.0, Recently discovered, nothing known. Strings mention it in hard drive files.
  • 2.0.1640.0,
  • 2.0.1746.0,
  • 2.0.1810.5, NAND flash contained in Beta2 kits have this sticker, suspect they are pre loaded with it, wonder if they'll run XEX1?
  • 2.0.1834.0, Internal revision, spotted on 005 kit.
  • 2.0.1838.0,
  • 2.0.1838.1, Suspected last Beta1 recovery.


  • Only Beta1 come with a black fan shroud, and black RF board bezel.
  • Larger rubber feet.
  • Black rubber USB doors and different faceplate structure, raised sync button, combination of raised and inset memory card door engraving.
  • The earlier Beta1 have a hard drive layout that is suspected to be similar to that of the Alpha kits.
  • The Beta1 kits contain a CPU sub-board that utilizes the JTAG header to assist with booting (will not boot without it). Referred to as the "Titan", it apparently patches the boot flow on startup. Uses a Xilinx CPLD of some sort.
  • Small 3 pin header on the back of the DVD drive near the SATA connector, function is unknown.
  • DVD drives spotted in the Beta1 kits have all been Hitachi 32CE so far, have not seen one with a Samsung drive yet.
  • CPU revision is x02046-001, the only Xbox 360 CPU diffused in Canada.
  • GPU revision is x02056-008.
  • Major chips on the board are engineering samples.
  • 005 Internals use leaded solder.
  • Prototype RF board incompatible with final wireless controllers.