XeDK Beta2

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The XeDK Beta2 is the second prototype console available post Alpha era. It is not built on "borrowed hardware" like the Alpha kits.

Known motherboard hardware revisions.

  • X801054-008, First motherboard revision for Beta2.
  • X803600-009, Second motherboard revision for Beta2, shows red "PRE-RELEASE HARDWARE" text in XSHELL.
  • X803600-010, Found in all prototype XeDK's.

Known recoveries

  • 2.0.1839.2 Suspected first recovery for the Beta2 era.
  • 2.0.1861.0


  • It can execute XEX2 executables, but not XEX1.
  • It's suspected that MS repurposed some Beta2 hardware and reshelled the kits as finals with upgraded recoveries.